Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Studio

RCA 76-B  Tube Mixing Console
4 channel Ampex mx-10 Tube/Valve 
4channel Altec - 1567 Tube/Valve 
Ampex - 351 x 6 Tube/Valve
Altec- 436c Comperesor Tube/Valve 
1970s British Series II Console x2 
1967 Custom Optronics Console built by Graham Thirkle Tape Recorders
Tape Machines
Studer A80 2" 24 track
Studer A80 2 track master
1960s Ampex 351 2 master

1950s Rca Ribbon 77dx
1950s Rca Ribbon 74b
1960s Electro voice 630
1960s Electro voice 666
1960s Electro voice Re-10
1950s Shure 300 ribbon x 2
1960s Electro voice Re-15 x2
1960s Electro voice Re-16
Rode k2 Tube Mics
Shure 57 x 3
Shure 58 x 3
+ more..

Power Amplifiers
Quad 4o5-2
AudioSound LD40

Rogers Ls3/5a
JBL 4410 
Yamaha NS-10
Auratone 5c

1970s Orban 111B stereo reverb
1960s Klemtt Echolette tape Echo
AGK BX-20 stereo spring reverb

Custom Built Theremin
1960s Univox Super-Fuzz

Magnatone  210 1957
Fender Tremolux  57
Fender Princeton Reverb 69 
Fender Super Reverb - 1960s
Fender PA-100 - 1970s

Gretsch  Jazz kit

Upright Piano
1963 Hammond L101 Tube Organ
147 Lelie Speaker


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